Privacy Policy

1. Who is responsible for treatment?
The privacy statement applies to Rissa Hotell AS and the company’s websites. Rissa Hotell is responsible for the processing of personal data that is collected and is subject to the Norwegian Act on the Personal Data Act on the processing of personal data.

2. What personal information and purpose of the processing
We only ask for personal information we need. We always inform you about what we will use your personal data for.

3. Consent from User
We only process personal information about you that you have accepted through a clear and affirmative action that we are allowed to use. Consent can be withdrawn by the user at any time by sending an email to Upon withdrawal of consent, the personal data we have stored on you will be deleted.

4. Transparency and change in the personal data we have stored about you
You can send an email to to request an overview of all personal information we have stored about you and how this information is used. We will respond within 72 hours. You also have the right to change information about you that you believe is incorrect, or transfer the personal information we have stored about you to other companies.

5. Deletion of personal data
You can email at any time to delete the information we have stored on you. They will be deleted within 72 hours of receiving the request.

6. Processing of personal data
Only employees of Rissa Hotell AS need personal information about you to access this.

7. Security breach notification
In the event of a security breach and your personal information is lost, Rissa Hotell AS has a duty to report this to you and the Data Inspectorate within 72 hours after the breach has taken place.

8. Cookies on the website
Cookies, or cookies, are a small text file that is stored and placed in your browser unless you turn this feature off in your browser settings.

9. Disclosure of information
Your personal information will not be sold or disclosed to third party companies or others without your consent.

10. Contact information
If you have questions regarding personal data about you and / or access, change or deletion of personal data, please contact